Equipment Loan Program

To help bolster existing efforts and spur new research ideas, the U of M Healthy Weight Research Center maintains a lending library of research equipment, software, and protocols.  This cost and time-saving resource is available to support healthy weight research being conducted by faculty and students at the University of Minnesota.

The current inventory of equipment includes:Acti-Gr

  • Dell Laptops (13 each)
  • Wireless headsets (3 each)
  • Nasco food models and other food amount estimation aids
  • Portable precision electronic food scale (OHAUS SP601 Scout Pro)
  • Research Grade Skinfold Calipers (12 each)
  • Tanita Body Composition Analyzers (5 each Model TBF-300A, 2 each TBF 400) for measuring % body fat, fat free mass and body water via bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • Digital Scales (4 each Tanita Model BWB-800, 2 each Seca Model 882)
  • PEA POD Infant Body Composition Assessment System
  • Portable Stadiometers (7 each Shorr; 2 each Seca Model 217)
  • Actigraph Activity Monitors (203 each; 121 model GT3XP-BLTE, 82 GT9X) used to obtain objective measures of physical activity for research purposes.
  • Calibration WeightsPolarHeart
  • Gulick Waist Circumference Tape Measures (2 each)
  • Sphygmomanometer (1 automated Omron Model HEM-907XL)
  • Polar Heart Rate Monitors (2 each)
  • Portable Privacy Screens (6 each)
  • Reebok Aerobic Steps (4 each)

The equipment is available at no cost on a first come, first serve basis. Staffing costs are the investigator’s responsibility.

Researchers are required to reserve the equipment in advance.  Student use is allowed if a faculty advisor agrees to take responsibility for the terms of the equipment loan agreement.

To reserve equipment, contact the U of M HWRC at

Sample Measurement Protocols

The following are a variety of sample measurement protocols for use with U of M HWRC research equipment, including weight, anthropometry, blood pressure, accelerometery, and 24-hour dietary recalls.

The HWRC may be able to provide training on measurement protocols and quality control protocols, depending on the specific request.

For more information, contact the U of M HWRC at